Black Tea Cigar

Young tea leaves and buds are withered, rolled into the shape of a Cigar, oxidized and fired over many days.


Brew 1 Tea Cigar
in 150ml of water at 100°C / 212°F
for 5 minutes

Tea leaves and buds are crafted together to form a beautifully shaped Black Tea Cigar. The infusion takes you on an aromatic voyage of subtle earthy flavours and floral poetry.


Voyage to unknown places…

Package type


Package Weight

45g 1.58oz 9 Tea Cigars

Brewing Instructions

Tea : 1 Tea Cigar

Temperature of the Water: 100°C / 212°F

Amount of Hot Water :1 cup of 150ml

Brewing Time : 5 minutes

1 Cigar can be brewed twice


Organic Black Tea

Serving Suggestions

Serve without milk and sugar.




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