Healing Mystical Flavours

Kaley Teas are forest fresh

Our tea garden is surrounded by a multitude of forests which merge with Sinharaja, Sri Lanka’s largest rainforest and UNESCO world natural heritage site. A part of our land is a protected rainforest whilst our tea garden is being converted to an Agro-forest. Virgin soils, water from streams and mountain springs and many gifts of nature make our terroir, rather special. Kaley, forest in a native tongue of Ceylon, encapsulates these milieus.

Kaley Teas are handcrafted

Kaley Teas are made with the finest tea leaves that are selected to perfection and handpicked. These leaves are naturally withered by the winds that waft from the rainforest and hand rolled, as folklore has it, with the healing palms of artisans.

Kaley Teas are filled with healing mystical flavours

Tea is a healthy beverage. Growing organically and regeneratively in a forest surrounding enhances the healing goodness and natural flavours of tea, manyfold. Handpicking the finest quality tea leaves, hand rolling in very small batches and packing afresh within a day of plucking captures the best of nature, of tea and of our artisans and yields a harmonious bouquet of healing mystical flavours.

The quantity, quality and temperature of water the quantity and quality of tea the time of steeping make a world of difference to the flavour in your cup.

Sip your Kaley Tea slowly,

without hurrying into some unknown distant future; reverently, as if the whole world revolves around that single cup, capturing an old-fashioned stillness of time.

Stay in this moment,

and let the aroma and harmonious bouquet of fresh and natural, charm your senses.

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